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Maxi Cosi Lila Stroller - Essential Black

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Manufacture SKU: 01138CFNA
SKU 210000044479

Your arms carry. They support. They lift. They love. But they can’t do everything alone. The Lila™ Stroller lets you do what you need to do, while your baby rests in the next best place, after your arms. Easily switches from a single to duo stroller by adding either a Maxi-Cosi Mico or Coral infant car seat or second seat (sold separately)


  • Duo mode allows for various riding configurations to accommodate baby and toddler at the same time
  • Modular, multi-position reclining seat for parent- or world-facing positions
  • Carriage mode with the touch of a button for comfy, lie-flat napping on the go
  • ShapeOfYou ergonomic newborn inlay designed with memory foam for added support
  • Reversible seat cushion for warm and cool climates; machine washable for an easy clean
  • Generous UPF 50+ canopy with integrated mesh privacy shade keeps baby protected
  • Adjustable push-bar handle makes strolling more comfortable for you
  • One-hand flat fold allows for a free second hand
  • Removable tote basket makes it easier to carry your belongings
  • SmoothRide innovative tire technology with all-wheel suspension
  • Boot cover keeps baby warm and cozy in carriage mode
  • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi Mico and Coral infant car seats using the included adapters (car seat sold separately)
  • Accessories to make life easier for you are all included. Bumper bar, parent cup holder, rain shield, reversible seat cushion, removable tote and car seat adapters

About the brand

Make traveling with your baby simple and enjoyable without compromising on comfort by choosing the Maxi-Cosi baby strollers and baby car seats!

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Manufacture SKU: 01138CFNA

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
review f.m.
Easy to use but hard to fold.

I'm a brand new mom of two girls, age 2 and 1 month. I was estatic to get this stroller as I had been looking for double stroller options. I wasn't able to use the second seat as it is not available, but I got a good idea of how it would work with my newborn. The Lila came with all the accessories, which I appreciate because I used them all! The bassinet was my favorite accessory, especially with the memory foam insert. The material felt very high quality and I did not have to worry about my baby sleeping at an angle. It was also the first time I had seen a reversible summer/winter fabric. Setting up the stroller was difficult at first but the instructions were well laid out. It was easy to click my Mico car seat into the Lila when I needed to use it. The different style basket underneath was nice because I could bring the basket into the house with me without moving the stroller. The main con was how hard I needed to press to fold the stroller. I am hoping that this will get easier as I use it more. Overall this was a fantastic product and I can't wait to purchase the extra seat to use with both my kids. Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for this stroller.

review f.m.
Gorgeous Highly Functional Stroller System!

I already had a stroller for my little one because of my older son however trying out the Maxi Cosi Lila Modular Stroller System was the best thing for my newborn. We have gone through many well known and recommended strollers given my sisters and I have had 9 little ones in the past 4 years! My 3 month old truly loves this stroller and so do I. We have a lounge area in our apartment building which I take him to for recreational time and he immediately gets so comfortable in the stroller and falls asleep for a peaceful ride. The newborn inlay provides a soft cushion and he appears so snug and secure it is definitely my favorite feature. The bassinet mode allows for long naps for baby which is much needed for me to get some errands done around town. The stroller itself is gorgeous and has a sturdy metal frame which I like. I have the gray one which is a great color for either a baby boy or a girl. The design is very modern and posh appearing. The stroller comes with a whole bunch of accessories included (seat pad, bumper bar, shopping basket) which is awesome and quite surprising as all my other strollers, including ones in the same price range, you have to purchase every little piece separately. The removable shopping basket is a feature I have never seen and is awesome at the grocery store as I usually throw stuff underneath and have to bend to get stuff down there. The moving forward, breaking, and swivel features are easy and smooth for me (I have a small frame) and don't wake my sleeping baby. Folding up the stroller is also a breeze which is hugely important to me given I have 2 young ones. The price point of the stroller is a little on the higher side for strollers in general. For those individuals at this price point and deciding between higher end strollers this stroller is a strong contender and should be highly considered. This is the first time I've had anything from this brand but after this experience I would highly recommend trying this brand for the quality, the design, and how well my son took to the newborn features. I also appreciate the fact that this stroller is one that can grow with my child. Great newborn features but once removed was great for my 2 year old as well! The moment I put him in he dropped milk on the seat pad so the removable and washable feature is huge bonus! When he needs a nap I could quickly lie the seat all the way flat with the reclining seat option (which has multiple positions) which is great and needed for my nap anywhere toddler. Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this stroller to try and review.

review f.m.
Modern, sleek and functional.

I LOVE the look of this stroller. The silver frame and black leather give it a modern & sleek look which is one of the main things I look for in a stroller (aside from practicality and functionality of course). The stroller was easy to switch to and to use it's bassinet mode. I used this frequently for our longer outings. The newborn insert made it comfortable for my baby and allowed him to sleep and stay asleep whenever we were out. My favorite part of this stroller is how lightweight the frame is and how easy it is to fold & unfold with one hand. With all of the good, comes some bad—I drive a sedan with a reasonably sized trunk (can easily hold a wagon and a travel system type stroller) but with this, I have to angle it in order for it to fit. And although it fits, I hardly have room for anything else. If you're looking for a stroller that's modern/sleek, not too heavy and functional, this is the way to go! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this Modular Stroller System!

review f.m.
Great All-In-One System with some needed improvements.

Overall, the Lila Modular Stroller System is a really great all-in-one product. While it doesn't quite beat out my current stroller system in overall ease and ride quality, it is definitely a formidable contender with some great features. Let's start with the pros. Aside from looking pretty sleek and feeling quite luxury (LOVE the leather accents on the handlebars), it's an added bonus that all the accessories are included and nothing is a la carte. Yes, that means that the stroller includes a bassinet mode (no separate bassinet needed to purchase and store), the car seat adapter, the snack tray, the cup holder, accessory pouch, boot tray, removable storage basket, etc etc. It's ALL included in the package! That's great since you are already spending a pretty penny for the stroller, you tend to feel a bit nickel and dimed when you find out that there are a hundred more dollars worth of accessories that you need to purchase to get the full use of the system. Not the case here! The price of the Lila includes everything you'll ever need so you really get the most bang for your buck. The bassinet mode is a breeze and SO so great that you don't need a whole separate bulky bassinet basket attachment for those newborn days. Just makes more sense this way! Every stroller brand should move towards this feature. Our current stroller brand bassinet (that we used for such a short time!) is just sitting in the garage collecting dust and taking up quite a bit of space. Great that there is no additional bassinet piece to store when the newborn days are done. And the newborn insert is extremely cushy, soft and made of ergonomic memory foam! My baby just turned 6 months old (on the smaller side) and we just stopped using the newborn insert. He was so comfy/cozy in there and would nap every time we took him out for a stroll in the Lila. Love the quality of the fabric and the softness of the memory foam padding. Favorite features are (1) the included accessory pouch - great for storing your phone, small wallet, sunglasses while on the go. (2) the right and left braking and brake release system and (3) the quality UPF 50+ canopy with included mesh shade for added bug guard protection and privacy. And now the cons. While the folding feature is truly a one-hand fold (very easy to do), when folded the footprint of the stroller is quite large. We drive a minivan so have plenty of trunk space for the Lila but I can't imagine that it would store very well in sedans or other vehicles without as much trunk space. It might take up the whole trunk which leaves no room for say, groceries. While the Lila features a one-handed folding feature, I could not say the same about the strolling. Yes, yes - we are not often strolling one handed but there are plenty of times when I am strolling through a door and need to open the door with one hand and push the stroller through with the other (right, moms?). My current stroller system does this move with ease. But I found that with the Lila, when trying to pull the same move, I needed both hands to properly drive the stroller through the door as it would not maneuver as well one-handed. This required me getting my leg or my bum involved to prop open the door and use both hands to push the stroller through. A small complaint, but just being honest here in my review. =) And lastly, the Lila wheels also could not handle any bit of terrain very well. I couldn't even get the stroller to roll over the tiny bump/lip of my garage. This was extremely annoying when strolling over uneven sidewalks around my neighborhood. The wheels would just completely jam up against the tiniest bump in the road which often startled the baby and also myself! A small curb or bump in the sidewalk felt like strolling into a brick wall. This does not and has not ever happened with my current stroller. We stroll the neighborhood everyday and never encountered as many issues trying to roll over the uneven roads and back into my garage when I'm done. This was definitely the biggest con for the Lila system in my book. So overall, this really is a great all-in-one system with some pretty sweet features. If i didn't have my current stroller brand to compare against, I probably would have given the stroller a higher rating overall. But in comparison to my current system, I would say the Lila is a really sexy-looking, formidable contender, but comes out just a little under in some places. I was given this Modular Stroller System to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

review f.m.
Great flexible stroller!

This is a great stroller that is flexible and easy to use. I liked the design quite a bit but it still feels a bit heavy. I had to use two hands to close it but otherwise it was simple to open and close. I liked the tray and other accessories that come standard on it but wish the bag that serves as the basket could be snapped into place. The bassinet function of the seat is great and very useful with a young baby. Overall this stroller is great and flexible for a newborn up to a toddler. Thanks WeeSpring Parent Panel for the stroller!


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