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WhyYou Should Buy 2 of your Babies Favorite Blankie - Goldtex

WhyYou Should Buy 2 of your Babies Favorite Blankie

I cannot tell you how many emails and phone calls we receive from parents looking for a second baby blankie, only to discover that it has been discontinued! This type of request has to be the most common request we receive through email. So i think every parent needs to listen up!

As you probably already know, babies become so attached to their blankies. So it really breaks my heart telling parents we can't order any more of their babies favorite blankie because it's been discontinued. In a desperate state, some parents are left sewing together (and sometimes even re-stuffing) a chewed up, slobbered old blankie just to pacify a desperate baby. If they are lucky, they might find one for sale on a secondary marketplace for a hefty premium!

So, my advice is simple. If your baby becomes super attached to a blankie, buy a second one right away and keep it stored as back up. You will thank me later! This simple purchase (usually only around $10), will save you countless sleepless nights.

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