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What is the Difference Between the Nuna Mixx and the Mixx Next - Goldtex

What is the Difference Between the Nuna Mixx and the Mixx Next

The nuna Mixx is such a great stroller, that it's hard to image how it could be improved. However, the Nuna Mixx next has some unique innovations that you may want to consider if you have the little extra money in your budget (at the time of this writing, the difference in price between the two models is 100CAD). Some of the features you will see on the nuna Mixx atone to the fact that nuna does not stop innovating and making there strollers better. The attention to details is really refreshing and shows a company that will not quite at giving mothers the best stroller possible.

The largest innovation on the Mixx next in our opinion is the Compact Fold Away Axle®. This feature automatically tucks the wheel in when folding, creating an 6.5inch shorter folding length.

See below for a detailed comparison chart:

Feature Mixx 2019 Mixx next
Folded Dimensions 16.5 H x 34L inch

19.5 H x 27.5 L inch

6.5 in shorter!

Folding Features Storage Latch (Latch that holds stroller together when folded) Compact Fold Away Axle (Retracting wheels when folding make a more compact fold)
Suspension All-wheel spring suspension Free-flex suspension for a smoother and easier push (Bends the entire frame instead of just a spring on the wheel)
Stands when Folded NO YES
Rubber, Foam Filled Tires Rear Wheels Only All Wheels
Harness System harness Buckle Next Magnetic Buckle
Weight 27.6 lbs 28.3 lbs
UPF 50+ water-repellent canopy YES
All-season seat YES
Flat recline YES
Included Accessories Car seat adapters (for all pipa car seats)
Storage Two compartment bassket including secret zipper pocket; Cell phone pocket on seat back
No re-thread harness Yes
Usage Birth to 50 lbs
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