The baby bucket is designed primarily for newborn babies and can be used till 6 months. Although most parents will switch a little before then. It submerges baby up to his/her shoulders in water and thus creates a womb-like-experience when bathing and keeps baby nice and warm. Similar to swaddling, it can be a great transitional tool for easing baby from womb to the world.

Main Benefits

Baby stays warm: The bucket style bath tubs keep baby upright and covered in warm water up to shoulder level rather than of lying in a water on their back. he high sides of the tub keep warmth in around baby's head, and the smaller water surface maintains the warm temperature for a good twenty minutes.

Comfortable: The unique womb shape snuggles baby and makes them feel safe and comfortable in a reassuring fetal position. This will ease the transition from womb to a familiar place. Like swaddling and carrying in a sling, this type of bathing promotes security and relaxation by confining the baby in a small space.

Therapeutic: These sit-up tubs provide additional health benefits for babies suffering from gas and colic, and extra reassurance to premature babies who left the womb too early. Covered in warm water in the comfortable fetal position babies are relieved of pain and able to completely relax and de-stress. Used in combination with massage it helps stimulate proper digestion and eliminates gas. It is also the perfect tub for diaper rash soaking and a little peppermint or lavender oil will help clear baby's sinuses from a cold. It is the ideal way to bathe feverish babies because it keeps the water warm and covering the baby. An older toddler who is sick and not wanting to take a bath will hardly refuse this type of bath!

Secondary Benefits

Eco-Friendly: The bucket shaped bath tubs conserve water when compared to other tubs. Once baby is older, these tubs can also be reused as toy storage, an ice bucket, a planter, washing the car, etc…

Important considerations

Keep your hand gently under babies chin in case the head falls forward into the water. Never leave baby unattended. 


In conclusion, these types of baby bath tubs are ideal for newborn baby's and create a womb like experince. It can also be an option for babies who don't like taking baths or who feel startled or cold when bathing.