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Maxi Cosi Minla, Iora & Cassia Bundle, Essential Graphite (03024CFJA, 10179CFJA, 53302CFJA)

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Manufacture SKU: 94890CFJA
SKU 210000044503
  • The Minla chair offers many possibilities of use. With its five reclining positions, its four positions with tablet and its nine different heights, you can use the Minla chair as a recliner for baby thanks to its cozy shell, as a high chair, as a booster seat with tablet... The possibilities for installing your baby at the table are unlimited. Are you looking for a convertible seat? With the Minla 6-in-1 chair, you have it.
  • While we can't guarantee that birthday cake or mashed vegetables won't end up anywhere but in your baby's mouth, we do guarantee that you'll be able to remedy all the mini disasters without difficulty! The high-quality textile is easy to care for and the removable cover is machine washable.
  • The Minla chair is also so elegant that you won't want to hide it. But sometimes we run out of space. Thanks to its foldable and compact design, when the meal is over, or if you are planning a reception, you can easily store the Minla chair. Unless you want to show it off and talk about it with other moms!
  • Maxi-Cosi Minla. The high chair that grows with your child.
  • Six different ways to sit over six years. Thanks to its modular nature, the Minla high chair will accompany your toddler up to the age of six! The Minla chair offers five reclining positions for newborns and the first months of life, four positions with tablet for baby's first meals and nine different heights according to the development of your child. A chair allowing you to eat with your baby, who can participate in family conversations during meals.
  • High-quality waterproof fabric: The birthday cake and mashed vegetables don't always end where they should... In those moments, the high-quality waterproof fabric
  • and the removable cover will prevent you from having a nervous breakdown. Simply wipe down or put the cover in the machine for a thorough wash.

Ease of use:

  • Adjusting and removing the tray with one hand
  • Simplified installation of the tray
  • Front wheels
  • Four legrest
  • positions Two footrest positions
  • Storage for the tray at the back of the frame


  • Special ergonomics for newborns
  • 5 recline
  • positions 4 legrest
  • positions 2 footrest
  • positions 4 tray positions


  • 5-point to 3-point convertible harness


  • Co-sleeping cradle Iora by Bébé Confort. Ultimately, it's all about comfort. Usable from birth to around 9 months
  • Give yourself a moment of peace after a long day. You can rest, your baby sleeps in a luxurious cocoon one arm away from you. The Bébé Confort Iora co-sleeper is sophisticated, adjustable and has the most comfortable mattress your baby has ever dreamed of.
  • It's time to sleep, but that doesn't mean you have to part with your baby. Thanks to the 5 height positions of the Iora and the sliding function which facilitates co-sleeping, your baby always has a place next to you. Traveling or need to let your baby sleep at grandma's? No worries. You can easily fold up and take the Iora with you in its handy carrying bag.
  • Baby's life is full of firsts. It's exhausting! There is no better way to end a day of discovering new sensations than with a serene night. Whether you need to bottle feed, change a diaper, or change the sheets in the middle of the night, all the essentials are close at hand in Iora's large storage basket. You can therefore rest for a long time and your baby can dream of everything he has experienced during the day, just like you.
  • Ready to give your baby their own space? Just move Iora to her room. Its comfortable mattress and solid structure are perfect for using it as a cradle. And baby can continue to sleep in their own familiar bed.

The most comfortable mattress
There is no better way to end a day of discovering new sensations than with a peaceful night for your baby. You can relax, your baby sleeps comfortably and completely safe. All thanks to the Iora mattress, which is the most comfortable mattress your baby could ever dream of.

Easy sliding function
Thanks to the Iora's sliding function, the co-sleeper fits perfectly on your bed, so you can always sleep side by side. Co-sleeping is now easy, as is the parent/baby bond at night.

Large storage basket
Whether you need to bottle feed, change a diaper, or change the sheets in the middle of the night, all the essentials are close at hand in Iora's large storage basket. So you can rest for a long time, day or night.

Easy to fold and move
Traveling or need to let your baby sleep at grandma's? The Iora can accompany you. You can easily fold up and take the Iora with you in its handy carrying bag. Because ultimately, it's all about comfort, no matter where you are.

Features :

  • Usable from birth to approximately 9 months (or 9 kg)
  • The most comfortable mattress
  • Easy swipe feature
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy to fold and move
  • 5 height positions
  • Dimensions: 96.36 x 74.85 x 55.43cm
  • Weight: 10.8kg


Swing smart and stylish
As a (new) parent, we know you'll never tire of holding your little one. But with all the things you need to do around the house, sometimes it's nice to have both hands free.

Lending a helping hand
Imagine a clever set of extra arms to comfort your baby during these times. Maxi-Cosi Cassia - a stylish and smart swing for babies from birth to 20 pounds - was developed for times like these to lend a helping hand.

Provides extra comfort when needed
This stylish swing has the beauty and the smarts - just like you, it instinctively knows when and how to rock your baby when it's difficult, thanks to the automatic motion sensor. The Cassia simply activates the swing when it recognizes that your baby needs a little more comfort.

Lighter than the family cat
Its 360° rotation helps you maintain eye contact with your baby, because we know you can never take your eyes off them. From the living room to the home office and back again, you can easily take Cassia with you. Not only does it weigh around 10 pounds - less than the family cat - but it also has a space-saving frame. And a stylish one at that. 

Fits your style
Its luxurious finish and high-quality fabrics ensure the design fits into any home, and it comes with an easy-to-remove, machine-washable cover. Finally, Cassia comes with two toys to give your baby something to watch, two recline positions, and a soft and snug newborn cushion to provide you and your baby with the utmost comfort.

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Manufacture SKU: 94890CFJA

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
review f.m.
Obsessed with this bassinet.

This bassinet has been a dream for my newborn. I am 3 weeks postpartum and my son has been sleeping in the Iora like a champ. I love the sleek modern look of it as it fits in so well in our bedroom. Being tall the adjustable settings are amazing. Love the mesh breathable sides and the comfy mattress. One of the biggest bonuses for us is that it folds up into a travel bag and we can bring it with us on our travels.

review f.m.
Best high chair ever!!

I wish I had gotten one sooner! This high chair fits my 5 month old perfectly and also my 3 year old! The recline feature is amazing and goes further back than any other chair I've ever had. We've already had some spills and they wiped off with no problem! Also it took me less than 5 minutes to put it all together- plus it's pretty!

review f.m.

We are so pleased with this high chair- it's more than we could gave asked for! It's handsome to look at, and so easy to use. Safe for baby in all forms/conversions and easily washable!

review f.m.
The high chair I never knew I needed!!!!!

This Is the high chair I never knew I needed! Not only does it grow with baby, it offers so many different ways of use. It is lightweight and easy to set up. I absolutely love that it has a storage space for the tray! I have never seen a high chair that can be raised and lowered to adjust height. This feature is awesome as can be used at both my table and counter top (bar height) with the booster setting. I also liked the option that both seats can be used on a chair. It appeared very comfortable and is easy to wash which is a big plus! Since there are so many options for use and it grows with baby to 50 pounds, this is the only high chair/booster you will ever need. While it was easy to set up, the instruction manual only had pictures so it took me awhile to figure out how to install all of the different options. It was also difficult to remove the tray from the storage space on the back of the high chair. There was no picture of how to remove it, so I assumed you just pull hard and that worked.

review f.m.
Wish we had this sooner!

I have used many modern high chairs while nannying, and none impressed me. They always had awkward crevices to clean, were bulky, and were ugly in top of it all. With my own daughter, I used an antique wood high chair. Not great to clean or super functional, but at least it wasn't unsightly and large. Given this high chair, I'm a convert! The removable tray cover makes clean up a breeze. The fabric is easy to wipe clean. It rolls easily to place it as needed (can do this one handed while holding baby). Adjusting it to the various modes is simple. We took the top seat to a friend's for Christmas Eve dinner; it was easy to move and quick to install on their kitchen chair. I could actually enjoy dinner without a wiggly toddler on my lap. We see many years of use from this seat. And it's not ugly!


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