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How often should you replace your baby's pacifier?

How often should you replace your baby's pacifier?

Here are some helpful tips to properly maintaining you baby's pacifier:

How often should you replace baby's pacifier?

Replace your baby's pacifier every 1 to 2 months.

How often should you sterilize your baby's pacifier?

You should sterilize the pacifier before the first use, and approximately once every 2-4 weeks afterwards. The frequency you choose is dependent on a schedule that will be suitable to you.

You should clean the pacifier with warm water and soap daily.

How to sterilize pacifiers with boiling water?

Dunk the pacifiers in boiling waster for approximately 2 minutes, then remove them with a pair of tongs. *Read the instructions for your pacifier for it's particular sterilizing guidelines. 

Why do pacifiers need to be replaced?

Even though the expiration date on the packaging might indicate a long life, this represents the shelf life of the product rather than the usage time of the pacifier. The pacifier should be replaced for three reasons. The first it to avoid the build up of germs and bacteria. As your baby chews on the pacifier, it can create areas for germs to build up. The second is to preserve the shape of the pacifier. As baby chews on the pacifier, it can also the shape and affect the orthodontic benefits of the pacifier. The last reason is that the pacifier can become a choking hazard if the parts become worn out. This is especially true if the pacifier was left in the car under extreme heat or cold.